Proyectos digitales

Una breve lista de algunos proyectos y publicaciones actuales.
Fundación Ceibal

Founding Director of the Center for Research in Uruguay focuses on fostering and supporting excellence in research that promote the development and use of scientific knowledge in topics that include social inclusion, education and technology.


This is a community based initiative that represents different visions for the future of education. This text, signed by people from all around the world, and translated in 10 languages help us to better understand how the future of education looks like in different locations of the world.


Outliers School is comprised of an international team of professionals who work with organizations to solve problems and prototype solutions. We integrate continuous and disruptive innovation through a methodology based on Design thinking combining digital culture, digital media, education, and knowledge management.


Algunos trabajos anteriores que no están activos
pero están disponibles para investigaciones

Entrepre Nerd info

The Entreprenerd project is producing a book that reflects several years of research in which the authors investigate the impacts of nerd/geek culture in entrepreneurship and implications for learning and personal development.

Sociedad Knowmad

Knowmad Society is a collective book (open access) edited by John Moravec, which explores the future of learning, work, and how we relate with each other in a world driven by accelerating change, value networks, and the rise of knowmads.


It is an itinerant pilot of Outliers School, training teachers of basic education in Latin America. Circópolis is based on the development, implementation and collaboration of teachers, children and teenagers to use innovative teaching practices, with an emphasis on learning by doing and gamification.

Knowmad Society

Developing a Knowmad Society 3.0 strives to create opportunities for meaningful educational transformation by reducing the distance between our visions of the future and the reality of today. The final product of these series of workshops is a co-creative action agenda that aims to better prepare schools and teachers for new education futures (participant countries: Perú, Chile, México, Ecuador, Spain, Argentina and the US).


Open access book co-written with Hugo Pardo to explore the Web 2.0 paradigm, tools, dynamics and possibilities that the social web provides. The publication also analyzes some of the threads and buzz behind this concept.

Cristóbal Cobo